Russian Bread is the most universal bread in use. It’s made from a mix of grains (15% whole wheat, 15% rye, and 70% bread wheat flour), whey, and a tit-bit of sugar and pinch of salt. Russian Bread has a light sourdough taste and no taste of rye.

NET WT 25oz (700g)

Ingredients:organic unbleached wheat flour (stone ground), rye flour (100% whole grain stone ground), whole wheat flour, whey, water, sugar, sea salt
Contains: wheat and milk ingredients

To store the loaf:

1. Wait until the bread has cooled down, slice the loaf and place it in a plastic bag, closed very tight.

2. Keep bread at room temperature for up to 3 days.
3. Freeze any leftover slices in the same Ziploc bag.
4. You can toast, thaw or heat slices in the oven (but only once) before eating.

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