BORODINO bread (бородинский хлеб) is a bread-legend. Some love it, some do not, but everyone who speaks Russian knows about this bread. This black bread with sprinkles of coriander seed has a sweet-sour taste that is created by adding some malt, molasses, and coriander seed in a rye-wheat dough. It takes about 24 hours to produce a loaf but it is totally worth it! The 200th year history of the Borodino bread recipe is still unknown, and has a few different legends. Our favorite one is about a wife of a Russian soldier who was battling against the Napoleon army in 1812. She baked bread for her husband that would feel up a stomach and stay fresh for a long time while he was waiting for battle. We don’t have to tell you that BORODINO is our favorite, and the main reason we started the Journey in bread baking…


Ingredients: rye flour (100% whole grain stone ground), organic unbleached wheat flour (stoneground), water, molasses, sea salt, coriander seed
Contains: wheat

To store the loaf:

1. Wait until the bread has cooled down, slice the loaf and place it in a plastic bag, closed very tight.
2. Keep bread at room temperature for up to 3 days.
3. Freeze any leftover slices in the same Ziploc bag.
4. You can toast, thaw or heat slices in the oven (but only once) before eating.

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