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Q&A: The most common questions from customers:

- Are you baking Gluten-free bread?
Answer: Yes, we started to bake Sourdough Gluten Free bread; as for now it is with Coriander and Molasses but more varieties to come. Also, check our Brazilian Cheese Bread.

- Do you have vegetarian bread?
Answer: Yes, we do have bread without milk and/or eggs in it. Just look into ingredients.

- Are you baking organic bread?
Answer: Started in 2015 – we are using ORGANIC white flour and ORGANIC whole wheat; rye flour is GMO-free. Again, look into ingredients for organic only.

- How I can place an order?
Answer: You can order via website, or phone. For Special Orders, please email or fill out form with inquiry.

- What payment are you accepting?
Answer: We are accepting Cash, PayPal, Credit and Debit Cards.